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7 Home decor ideas to store and display your stuff.

It’s pretty likely that many of us have more stuff than we need. I know I do. Sometimes this just accumulates and we don’t know how it all happened, but it did and it does. The challenge is always.. where to put the stuff!

So to help sort out your stuff here are some pretty cool ideas from Diply to help you along the way. They are not just your regular tips but rather creative and clever ways to store and display your stuff as well as giving your home decor a boost.

They had several ideas and I liked them all , but I thought to pick out a few that stood out for me.Some are really efficient like No. 2, I am on a hunt to get a number of cool suitcases. No.3 is just genius…great way to ‘keep’ nice shopping bags. These ideas present clever use of home accessories.

Others are great to display memorable or sentimental items.No.6 makes your walls come alive while sharing great moments. I am twiddling my fingers for my next project for my home.


Check out the ideas below….they are really cool!

1. Earrings

Your earrings are too pretty to stow away in boxes. Instead, show them off like so:

Earrings storage


via decoratix

2. Vintage suitcases

If you’re lucky enough to have a few of these, make the most of them. Store off-season clothes in them and then stack into a shelf.They give your home decor a really cool and modern spin.

Home decor suitcase storage
Clever suitcase storage

via My Sweet Savannah 


3. Special shopping bags

Simply fold, frame and hang for instant decoration and protection. These look great in bathrooms, closets and hallways.

Shopping bags display

via weheartit / Instyle_ilive_ilove

4.Decorative plates

These plates are beautiful and should be displayed as such. Hang them in any pattern that suits your fancy.

Home accessories
Plate display

via homedit 

5.Make-up brushes

Don’t leave them lying around where they can fall on the floor, or worse, disappear altogether. Instead, create your own make-up brush display like this:

Make-up brushes storage

via Loveleigh Beauty

6.Favourite photos

You can turn your favourite photos into a funky wallpaper for your bedroom or living room. How’s that for upping the ante in your home decor! Read how to do it here.

Home decor ideas
Great Photo wall


7. Necklaces

Display your necklaces with pride. Even if you have just a few pieces, you can go from a tangled mess to a beautiful display with just one organizer. Check this one out:

Stick 'em up
Stick ’em up


Which of these was your favourite? Do you have any creative ideas of your own?


Please share in the comments section below.



6 thoughts on “7 Home decor ideas to store and display your stuff.”

  1. Necklace storage…My wardrobe gets very noisy in the mornings as I look for necklaces which are all hang over each other…

    1. Hi Gacoki,
      I think that is the bane of my morning routine too! Glad to know I am not alone and that there are solutions within our reach:)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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