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My name is Mercy. I live in Nairobi, Kenya with my husband- ‘B’.

I have always been a head taller than my friends and though this was something that I was aware of from early on, I only came to appreciate in my 20s. I daresay I tried in vain to ‘fit in’ by subconsciously stooping forward, so that I didn’t have to stand out so much. This only served to attract a different kind of attention, which did not help my self esteem. Though I was not insecure, I was very self-conscious of my height and size (tall and skinny anyone?), and I did not really embrace my God-given height until much later.Suffice it to say, I only felt ‘normal’ at home because my brothers were significantly taller than me, above 6 feet by their late teens and early twenties.

Tall girl issues……

I could go on about these, but my major issue growing up-besides the awkward teenage stage, was that it was always challenging getting trousers that were long enough. Thankfully, my mother was a seamstress and she worked wonders with pants that were long enough, but 2 to 3 sizes larger than I was. It was (and still is) challenging to get jackets and shirts that had the proper length on the sleeves or tops that didn’t look like they were crop tops on me. I won’t even mention the challenges with finding great footwear, and the never ending question of, why I wore heels yet I was tall enough?

I still craved the feeling of going into a store and finding clothes off the racks that fit me just right. This was and has been challenging to find in Kenya. I am 5’8 and even though this is on the border of the ‘Tall’ label, I could not find clothes that I was comfortable in, like my friends could. If I was lucky, I would find some second-hand gems, but these opportunities were few and far in between.

There is a saying in Kiswahili that alludes to the benefits of travelling and experiencing life in its various elements and the fact that you see much more and are the better for it. My turnaround came when I came across stores outside Kenya that had the very thing I desired. Once I found the right clothes for me, I just felt so good! I didn’t realize this was possible, but I have come to see the very close connection between confidence and embracing your features enough to let them shine-in this case my height. This has totally changed my outlook and that’s what I want for other tall individuals like myself, to achieve and experience with Meruti.


Meruti is about finding solutions and providing tips for the frustration that tall ladies have, in finding fashionable, well-fitting clothes made with their height and size in mind. Surprisingly, even though the fashion industry espouses height in the selection of models to show case outfits, there are major challenges in getting clothes for tall ladies.The name is an amalgam of my late father’s name (Maruti) and my name, and I am honoured to have it as a name for the business.

Meruti will have a special mix of carefully curated and unique products as well as information and tips that meet the fashion and style needs of tall individuals and the odd tidbit here and there. Meruti is my kind of place. I hope it will be yours too-tall or not, you never know. If you have a tall friend that would benefit from this info, please direct them here, the more we can help the better and you will be doing them a great favour-trust me, I should know!


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  1. How about if you started a business ?, being a designer may be. You could created a producy such us clothes, shoes, or etc for who has taller enough, which the market not supply. It would be a great opportunity for you 🙂

    1. Hi Riani,
      That definitely crossed my mind- it’s like you were in my brainstorming sessions when I started:). But, I want to understand the sector first by stocking pieces from already established businesses catering to tall fashion and just learning from them. God willing this may be a reality.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Aww thank you very much Siti! Thanks for reading through the tips, we hope to get back on track:) If there is more information tips you’d like us to share please let us know.

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