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Rainy days dressing

What to Wear on Rainy Days

The rain and cold is upon us. I know I wondered if July was already knocking on the door before it’s time, but now I am convinced it is just sneaking up on us undercover. Be that as it may, the rain should not leave you feeling distressed about what you can wear either to […]


Your Style Take

Hi ladies and gents! I am really excited to introduce a new series to Meruti. I know for a fact that I don’t know everything when it comes to dressing my body. While I am definitely enjoying the journey of trying new things out and sharing them with you, I very much want to engage […]

Stand out stand tall

Tips to Stand Tall in Style

Stand out, Stand Tall I am not super tall. However,growing up and even now, I stand tall over most of my friends. Being almost 5’9, I already experienced the headache that comes with being taller than the average woman in my circles . I joke that I only felt normal growing up in our home, because […]

Leap for jeans

Tall Style: Trouser Trends

Need to Know Trouser Trends. For a tall girl, Long Tall Sally is just one of those resources you should have on your radar. They have great styles and have a finger on the pulse of trouser trends. A lot of work goes into putting this information and pieces together, so it’s worth checking them […]

Tall Style: Figuring it Out

Tall Style Guides. It’s been a while since I posted. I have been busy-as we all are, so I know that’s no excuse. Actually, busy is an understatement! How time flies, is something I will never understand. Maybe it’s not for us to understand. So, what are tall style guides? Why are they important for […]