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Change is coming.

Hi everyone

I hope April’s going well for you. I can’t believe we are already on the 4th month of the year!

But, I’m glad for it because it makes me more aware of the need to keep moving and making progress. And we’ve been busy, no doubt! I previously mentioned that there are some changes coming up on Meruti this year in order to make our platform more effective.

So what are these changes??

As you well know Meruti was created as a concept store for lifestyle solutions. Meruti was created to have a special mix of unique products meeting the needs of Fashion for Tall ladies and Design in Home Decor-Storage and Display. While this has been the picture we envisioned, we have realized that this is something that may prove difficult to envision for a number of visitors to our site. We certainly do not wish to make visitors more confused when they land on the site. We appreciate when we get visits and where people who had questions are able to find solutions which they needed and they leave the site with questions answered and needs met. That is our ultimate goal, it’s a pretty good feeling.





For this reason, and based on feedback from you(thank you so much!) we have decided to separate the 2 aspects of Meruti that we care about.

So…we will have a Tall Fashion site separate from a Home Decor site providing storage and display solutions. The content and ideals we had for these 2 aspects will still remain-they will just be in separate addresses. The vision still holds true.We will also soon share with you the names of the 2 sites. We will build them slowly over time and hopefully we should be able to meet the need that we still desire to address, but in a more focused way.


We would really appreciate your feedback as this will make us tailor our information and products better for you- something we really value.If you have some tidbits and ideas you’d like to share,give us a heads up when you can,we’d love to hear from you.
Cheers and thanks for your support.



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