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Everyday Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt

Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and looking forward to the rest of the year, seeing as we are already half way through the year. When did that happen??!!!

I am really excited with today’s post where we are going to share with you the first of many ideas of styling what we have in the Meruti Store under the series ‘Everyday Tall Style’. This series will fall into a new lookbook category for the online store products.

The item we will showcase is the Ladies Shirt with ¾ length sleeves. A plain coloured shirt should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It helps balance put all the print that is found in pants, skirts, shorts, leggings. If you are yet to purchase a plain shirt or looking for ideas to wear one, this post and others that follow will show you how to work it out.

Everyday Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt.

Tall style Ladies' Shirt
Ladies’ Shirt

This ladies’ shirt has pop buttons and beautiful stitching detail and the cotton fabric is soft against the skin. The sleeves can be rolled up to make a 3/4 length sleeve which is perfect for the tall lady’s style as shared on this post. The buttons have a pearlised look and complement the colour of the shirt beautifully. Looks great with jeans, leggings and  skirts either opened as a top shirt or buttoned up.


What to wear with the Ladies’ shirt :

Style 1: Dark coloured jean skirt, heels and a belt.


Everyday Tall Style: Ladies shirt jean skirt and heels
Everyday Tall Style: Ladies shirt jean skirt and heels


This is a great look to take the otherwise casual look of the shirt a notch higher because of pairing it with heels and a belt.

The bright blue colour of the shirt plays of well against dark colours and it’s a great combination. Don’t forget other accessories like necklaces and a great bag to round of the look beautifully.

Where would I wear this look? This look can be worn to work or other similar engagements.


Everyday Tall style: Ladies shirt, Jean skirt and heels
Everyday Tall style: with Jean skirt and heels


STYLE 2:  With Jeans and heels.

This is another everyday tall style look that can be put together very easily. It’s a go-to look for many women and the ladies’ shirt is once again off-set beautifully against the dark coloured jeans.

Every day tall style: with flared jeans and heels
Everyday tall style: with flared jeans and heels


Here the shirt is paired up with a pair of flare jeans and heels. The heels can be switched down to flats and ofcourse this depends on how comfortable you want to be for the day.

Once again, complete the look with some fun accessories and you are good to go!


Ladies shirt, flared jeans and heels
Everyday tall style: with flared jeans and heels


NB: When wearing flats with jeans, its better to wear the flats with slim fitting or skinny jeans so that the look is clean.


Love a casual shirt for your wardrobe? Head on over to the store and grab one for yourself. And your sister. And your friend…you get the drill.


How would you style this shirt for an every day tall style look?


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


PS: Don’t forget to look out for the next post on other styling tips for this shirt.



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