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Home decor Infographics

I love infographics.

They have a way of telling the tale without too much work or words, that is always preferred in my little reality. Further to that infographics are always visually inspiring and colourful depending on the style. It’s a common experience that a higher percentage of what we remember is what we have seen and of what we see, pictures or images tend to be remembered more than text. Generally very good ways to engage the brain.

There are different kinds of infographics, some have images and others have pictures(layman’s language).
I came across this infographic(this would fall in the picture category), by Consignment Northwest on unique home decorating ideas and inspiration.

It is visually inspiring with great ideas that can be incorporated.Enjoy

If you can,checkout other great infographics in the Consignment Northwest website which would be well worth your while if looking for great references for furniture, interior design & home decor.

I will continue to share these and other tips on home decor and storage solutions drawn from around the web as I foray into this exciting area.

I hope you get inspired to decorate your space with unique pieces you probably already have or will have.



3 thoughts on “Home decor Infographics”

    1. Speaking my mind on the shop Wangu:)
      Great painting tips! That’s something I want to do more of this year,thanks for the resource!

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