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How to: Layering. Style tips and tricks. (Part II)

Layering. Style tips and tricks

Welcome back! If you haven’t yet already, please take a look at the first part of this post where I introduced my basic concept of layering, as I understand it.

As I mentioned before, Kenya and the East African region does not get as cold as other parts of the world, but we are grudgingly getting into ‘our’ winter and this calls for all hands on deck to ensure that we are protected, warm and definitely stylish.

I don’t go by any particular formula. I wear what works for me and over time I have figured out what is more effective, because I am one of those people who will smell the cold from a mile. I feel cold easily and have to do whatever it takes to be comfortable.

My simple rule or tip:

Lay the foundation.

In order to layer and still look put together and stylish, you will need to invest in what I call ‘foundational’ pieces. These are basic pieces that can be worn with other pieces to change up your look.They are like jackets, inner vests/camisoles, tights, leggings, boots, jeans, sweaters and the like.These can be defined by you as best suits your circumstances and your individual style.



As much as possible wear a layer or 2 that goes down to your ankles or toes if possible. These would be an outer layer of either pants, leggings, jeggings and an inner layer of stockings. The thicker the stockings better. If you can find wool stockings like what we used to wear growing up, you are set. I tend to feel colder when my toes are exposed and if you are like me it is best to ensure that you are well covered from your feet up. Wool and thick stockings are not easy to come by because these temperatures are not common all year round in these here parts. So try shopping for these items in stores that have them out of their seasonal merchandise. They may still cost quite a bit, but timing is key.

P.S: If you know of any place which has great prices right now let us know.


You cannot compromise on this one. Make sure you have layered on top and where possible with some long sleeve tops which help keep you warm. A camisole does double duty as a layering piece and also when you want to wear tops which seem too see through, wear these and you are good to go. I always get a number of these in different colours, so they go a long way in my wardrobe.

Camisol for layering


If you are still clueless on how best to layer or just want some inspiration I tried to put together some visuals that might spark some interest and ideas in you. If you just want a sneak peek, I hope the following will stir some interest and ideas in you.

Some of the pieces that would be great to have in your closet for layering are:


Wardrobe for cold



Layering and wearing extra pieces of clothing does not mean we lose our sense of style. On the contrary it provides opportunities to try out new combinations, textures, colours and overall looks that work great if paired well. Sometimes it just happens by accident really and that’s when your genius is revealed. Yeah you got it!

Not sure how to mix patterns and layer at the same time?

Here are some tips to guide you.

Layering step by step



Button-Up shirts: I used to wear a lot of button-up shirts in the past. These had until recently, been relegated options in my wardrobe and I often wonder if I will ever wear them again as I used. No I do not want to let go of them, just yet. Maybe I have a hoarding problem, but I have history with these shirts(said in a tiny voice).

However, I recently found a new love for them because of layering. I have to say it has been quite fun putting outfits together with these shirts, which I only ever wore in a particular formal way. So, if you want to wear your button-up shirt but don’t how to incorporate it in your look here are some great ideas from Audrey @Putting me Together

Layering a button-up
Source: Layering a button-up



Breathe life into your every day items. I’m thinking about items like cardigans. These have a moment (or 2) to shine during this weather and it doesn’t have to be boring way. Even if they will be covered with scarves don’t forget the accessories.


Have Fun! How about creating a capsule wardrobe for the cold season? A capsule wardrobe is made of a few versatile pieces that are great to wear. Since the pieces are few, it limits the amount of money you would spend on clothes, and the time it takes to get ready.

Have a look at this example of a capsule wardrobe and the possible outfits for the cold season. It consists of 8 pieces of clothing plus 3 pairs shoes and accessories.


Capsule wardrobe outfits
Source:Capsule wardrobe outfits



Regarding contrast, this can be within the same colour family as in the brown tones in the picture on the left below. Another contrast is from the different colours in the picture on the right below.


I might add this may or may not work with and for you, but give it a try.

The first few times you may feel frumpy, constricted or conspicuous and that’s typical of trying out a new style. Or maybe your cardigan is too thick and your under garments are not thin enough. Either way you’ll get used to it. Trust your gut-believe it or not, you alone know your style and what makes you feel comfortable.

It is also very likely layering is not for you-that too is alright. But, figure out how to stay warm either way.


Once you have figured out your body proportions and the right fit for your body, these small adjustments and style forays can make a big difference. They are a lot of fun too-don’t sweat the mistakes roll with them. They’ll make for a good laugh some day.


I hope this helps you layer in some form or way and you are able to stay warm during this and other cold spells.


Got any questions? would love to hear them below.


To warmer days and great looks while at it. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Mum.
      I am really glad that you are a part of this and you instilled these elements in me from an early age. What I know about fit and clothes I learnt from you. The best learning experience.


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