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Introducing the Meruti Medal Box!!!

The day has arrived!!

I finally get to share with you what has been a dream of mine, and basically what I have been working on for the last couple of months. I am so excited about today’s post because we are officially launching the Meruti Medal Box.


Meruti Medal Box
Meruti Medal Box


What is that??!!! You may ask.

Well, I am going to tell you…but first, a little background story.


I have always been fascinated with medals ..specifically military medals, from a very early age. I talked about them here and besides that I came to appreciate their role and their worth when I grew older and perhaps just a tad wiser. Fast-forward years later when my late Father retired from active service in the Military, these medals still intrigued me .

I am extremely proud of my background having grown up as a soldier’s daughter. When you get older, that’s when you realize’s a bit different from other regular childhoods. When Dad retired, knowing how unique this experience was and wanting to honor his time in the Military, I pondered how best to do this. I wanted something, that could combine those experiences while having a way to safely showcase the memories and his achievements while he was in service.

After months of searching and researching I decided a medal shadow box would be the ideal thing. If you’ve read my post you would also know that growing up, these medals were quite intriguing for me. It is my conviction that, having them showcased in this way was the best way I could commemorate my Father’s achievements. And even though he is not here to see it, more importantly, my Mom loves it and there are generations to come who will view and enjoy them!

Another really cool thing is that besides military medals, these medal boxes can also be used to store and display sports medals.


Some 3 key benefits of these medal boxes are that:

  • Physical protection. Since they are made of strong durable material(mahogany)the medals will not be damaged and they are protected from the elements.
  • Easy viewing.The top is glass covered which allows for a clear view without handling or tarnishing the medals.
  • Versatility and portability. It can be hang upright on the wall or left to be free-standing. It is also easy to carry around, though it’s not very light due to the type of material .

Some favourable outcomes of displaying medals in this way include the fact that:

  • Having the medals displayed in the medal boxes is a testament to an ex-soldier’s or sports persons achievements and career;
  • For a service-man/woman, it gives to their honour their patriotic service and sacrifices that they have made in service to their country;
  • They also commemorate a moment in the country’s history which is intricately linked with the service-man or woman;
  • It’s an opportunity to display a family’s pride in their loved one’s military service or sporting achievements and information for generations to come. Some are even handed down as heirlooms in the family and occupy a place of honor.


Features of the Meruti Medal Boxes

The Meruti Medal Box is custom made. It provides an attractive, sturdy,display for commemorations of achievements that will endure time gracefully and tastefully. A great solution for displaying military, sport or other medals.

Currently there is 1 design with plans underway to increase the designs. The launch product is :

MMB Magy: This one is made from genuine mahogany wood with a glass top and brass handle. This type has a black velvet insert/foam which provides a beautiful background for the medals once they are mounted. The dimensions of this box are :

16.5 inches (Length) x 13.5 inches (Width) x 2.5 inches(Thickness)

Meruti Medal Box. MMB-Magy
Meruti Medal Box


The items on display will mostly be medals but in some cases they also hold ribbons, pin patches, pins. The boxes generally keep those special items in perfect condition.


Local: The other aspect about these medal boxes that I am extremely proud of is that they have are made in Kenya. Meruti has a goal of showcasing some of the amazing talent that we have from local artisans who are working hard to make unique items, while making a positive difference in their community. The true spirit of ‘Buy Kenya, build Kenya’


So where do we get these wonderful items? I thought you’d never ask!

The medal boxes are available online on the Meruti Store,click this link . Once you identify the one you want. put it into the shopping cart and proceed to check out.

Please note we are starting with pre-orders which will be delivered in 2 weeks from date of order.


I invite you to share your feedback and experiences on the medal boxes, either here below on the comments section or on the Meruti Facebook page. Soon enough, we will show you how the medal boxes look with medals mounted on them.


If you didn’t guess it already, I am doing a dance-yes I have 2 left feet, but right now it doesn’t matter. Special shout out to my Mum, my ‘Tribe’ also known as siblings, George-Mr Perfection himself,the ‘Hurlingham DoD Crew’ and ofcourse my husband B for enduring my many ups and downs. That is putting it mildly[icon icon=icon-smile size=14px color=#000 ].


Till next time…..Salute!


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27 thoughts on “Introducing the Meruti Medal Box!!!”

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    1. Awww thanks a lot Mum!
      This really means a lot to me and having your support and approval of this whole process has been priceless. You are the best.
      Much love!


  2. I love the idea of displaying medals in this stylish way and the quality of the box is perfect.
    But a specially I admire Your passion about making it and the story behind it. It’s really came from your hard.
    Wishing you a lot of success my Dear!
    Alessia xxx

    1. You know, someone else told me the same using it also for jewellery. That’s an idea.
      Thanks for stopping by Gabrielle.

  3. What is that??!!! was exactly what I was thinking hahaha. Beautiful background story. The medal box looks very nice. It’s a great idea. And a nice way to keep it safe. Beautiful way to display it!

  4. Cute idea. Would love to see a box “in action” with medals in it and their history. Thanks for sharing your creation.

    1. Absolutely Jon! Funny story with these medals I had planned to have them mounted and then when I finally got round to doing it , I could not find the medals. I was distressed and really disappointed because the whole premise of making these boxes was in using my Dad’s medals. I decided to go with option B and use sports medals which I wrote about in this post Here they are mounted, but my goal was to use the Dad’s medals. I finally found them months later and I am working on them and will soon share a post using them in a medal box complete with history. Thanks for that input.

    1. That’s great Amanda!
      I have only just started researching on them and it’s quite interesting the amount of information that’s out there. I am soon going to have a blog post with the Medals awarded to my Dad. I’m sure your dad will enjoy reading about them from another part of the world, though they are not war medals.
      Thanks for coming by.

  5. Medals are supposed to be shown in a prestigious way, because they are earned for honest hard work. Love the box, it makes for a gorgeous display. Thank you for sharing.

  6. this looks nice, and to say it still nooks new an neat ,… thanks for this article and for sharing this info

    1. It sure is a great idea to store them as well as display them.
      Glad to share the info even though I’m late to the game, but glad I got to do it.



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