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Meruti-A New Day

Welcome to the Meruti Blog!

This blog is a journal of the growth, inspiration and development of Meruti- an online tall clothing store in the making. Meruti, will provide information on issues that appeal to Tall ladies because this is something I have always grappled with. I have a keen interest in seeing great products being availed to those like myself who are tall. We’ll share tips and information for dressing the lovely God-given frame that we have been blessed with, which ought to be celebrated. An awareness for example, that women do not necessarily have to consider- even in the slightest likelihood, shopping in the men’s section to get some pants which are long enough.

It’s a new day!

We Salute You-we will also be chronicling a very dear project to me, which has to do with honouring men and women in the military or the disciplined service, under the banner ‘We Salute You’; Those who have been honoured to live with a family member in the military know how unique this experience is and it is my desire to share these stories and perspectives.

Last but certainly not least…..

Thoughts and musings on life in general with the occasional baking trial. I have a ‘sweet tooth’ that is fighting to be disengaged from me due to over-exposure and indulgence. All flops have been pre-approved.


I am excited to chronicle this experience as I pursue passions, which will no doubt test my character in more ways than I can imagine, while also being a fulfilling and exciting journey. I am multi-passionate and this trait works very well with my vision of Meruti as a store that provides lifestyle solutions for tall ladies. The blog will be a place to find and share diverse information on what the Meruti  brand will engage in, as it evolves over time. I also look forward to doing this and being able to engage with  another soul… you the reader and the tall community.

I am really excited to be on this phase and I look forward to a wonderful ride much like the dawn of a new day. Do come along with me, the journey is always shorter (and more interesting IMO), when there is company.


Please feel free to either leave a comment after each post, share to your networks or connect with us in other platforms. Also, if you happen to be a tall lady (above 5’9) drop a line and share with us what are some of the challenges you face as you seek style solutions.

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Thank you so much for dropping by.



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