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How do I look? The mounted Medal Box.

The Mounted Medal Box.

Hi there!

As promised, today I will share what the medal box looks like with medals in it.

Celebrate the illustrious military or sporting career with the Meruti medal box which beautifully showcases these awards.


So, in typical transformational shows style…I present:


The Before:

So below is the medal box with out the medals. .


Meruti Medal Box-Open

The medal box is inlaid with a velvet foam/cushion which provides a great background for the medals as well as being a steady anchor to set the medals so that they stay put.


The After:

The photo below shows sporting medals mounted into the medal box to give an idea of how this would look.


Box with mounted medals.
Medal box with sports medals. Medals courtesy of Emma and Rita


Please note:

The medals in the above photo are sports medals. They are around 1.5 inches wide and the box contains 13 medals with sufficient space between each award. One can fit more or less medals in the box and this is purely based on one’s preferences.


Mounting: It’s pretty simple to mount and once you have figured out how you want the medals displayed just pierce the cushioning and pull the ribbon through to the level or length you will want. With this example, the ribbon has been completely pulled through to the back so that it’s not visible.


The Military medals are slightly different in that, the ribbon should at least be viewed and depending on the type of medal they have a unique structure to them. The medal boxes can also be used to display other items like berets, photos and other accessories. The medals are displayed beautifully whilst storing them safely. They also enhance the home decor while telling a story.


Big shout out to Rita and Emma -2 amazing swimmers who donated their medals for this post.Thanks a lot girls!


Look out for some great content in upcoming posts showing the medal box mounted with the Military medals as well as the medal mounting process.


Visit the shop for more details on how to purchase.


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