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Everyday Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt (Part 2)

Everyday Tall Style (Part 2) Welcome back to the everyday tall style segment for the ladies shirt. If you didn’t get it, the first part of this post-shared here, showcased 2 looks. Today, we continue to show you other fun ways to pair this versatile shirt with other items in your wardrobe or other items from […]

Every day tall style: Ladies shirt

Everyday Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt

Tall Style: The Ladies’ Shirt Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and looking forward to the rest of the year, seeing as we are already half way through the year. When did that happen??!!! I am really excited with today’s post where we are going to share with you the first […]

Coffee anyone

How to: Stay warm in this cold weather (Part 1)

Stay Warm Hi guys! I keep thinking to myself, is it yet July?? Where is this cold coming from? A bit earlier than expected I might add. I am drawing mental plans on how to stay warm and B just laughs at me. I know we are spoilt with good weather in Kenya. For those […]

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Tall Style: Trouser Trends

Need to Know Trouser Trends. For a tall girl, Long Tall Sally is just one of those resources you should have on your radar. They have great styles and have a finger on the pulse of trouser trends. A lot of work goes into putting this information and pieces together, so it’s worth checking them […]

Tall Style: Figuring it Out

Tall Style Guides. It’s been a while since I posted. I have been busy-as we all are, so I know that’s no excuse. Actually, busy is an understatement! How time flies, is something I will never understand. Maybe it’s not for us to understand. So, what are tall style guides? Why are they important for […]