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The Pages of Our Lives-Inspiration

Today’s post is inspired by a journal entry I came across which I made almost 10 years ago – when I was faithful in keeping a journal.

This entry was based on reflections I had after reading a daily meditation recommended by a friend from the book ‘In Conversation With God’. The meditation was about examining our conscience using the analogy of writing a page of our lives. In the book, the author Fr. Fernandez-Carvajal, makes an analogy of this daily examination as ‘what we have written on the page of each unrepeatable day of our lives’. He says at the appointed time ‘the pages of the book of our lives will be turned quickly before our eyes-the book which contains everything we did in our lifetime’.

Fr. Fernandez goes on to say ….

‘to make sure that there are no surprises at the last moment, I often like to take this book in  my own hands- this book that I am in the process of writing , whether I like it or not, as long as I live. I like to take it up and open it and let my soul read it. And I like to think that every day my life is a page of this book and when I begin a day, what I have in front of me is a blank sheet of paper. And sometimes, I run quickly through all the pages written and allow the blank pages to pass through my fingers-the pages which are as yet unwritten because the time hasn’t yet come.’

This reminds me that I am responsible ultimately for how and what will be written on that page and it would do me well to make the effort to write. The point about liking or not liking the ‘writing process’ is poignant because despite my feelings, the pages have to be written and the book contains everything I did in my lifetime-even when I did not like it.

He exhorts us to service, which is a core image of who and what Meruti is. A place that desires to serve those who make, will make the choice, (out of the myriad other places ) to  seek our services products.

‘And those blank pages which we begin to scribble on each day, I like to head up with ‘Serviam‘  I will serve’ . It is both a desire and a hope. A desire because I sincerely do want each page to have that meaning. …..It is a hope because with God’s grace, I trust that I will be able to do everything I want to.’

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What to write


It is not enough to put/write something down…this has to come from a deeper     place, to want to ‘write’ properly as well as writing what is pleasing not just to       man, but to ultimately to God.




‘After beginning in that way, with that desire and that hope-I try to write words  and phrases and make paragraphs and fill the page with neat clear writing.That means work, prayer, discipleship all my day’s activities.

I try to give a lot of attention to punctuation, which is the practice of keeping the presence of God. The pauses-commas or semi-colons or colons- represent the silence of my soul and the inspiration I try to use to give meaning and supernatural outlook to everything I write.’

I like the point he brings out about punctuation.This makes us look at those moments when we have slowed down, taken the focus away from ourselves and looked at God to guide us and show us how best to write the next line, paragraph, page, chapter etc.

What’s worth noting also is that there are days when we will not want to ‘write’ or have anything to ‘write’ about. We need to always look heavenward in order to get the inspiration to put down on paper what we feel is needful.

This is my prayer that I will begin each page/day with the hope and desire to serve God in my work, relationships, areas of influence in one way or other. And when it gets difficult to fulfill this hope and desire, I pray that I will have the presence of mind to punctuate…pause and reflect on how best the next line or words ought to be written.


I hope you will write your pages as you would want them read and be an inspiration to those around you.


Have a ‘well-written’ week!



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