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Tips for when stuff doesn’t work out, like you planned.

What happens when things don’t work out quite like you imagined them to? You’ve set it all out, you’ve figured out where the possible challenges to the achievement of your goal could be and you have a plan B or even C for that situation and the situation that comes after that. You plug all the possible holes that could leak and you feel confident that (well only sufficiently so anyway), it will all work out.

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And then it doesn’t.

And suddenly you are acutely aware of how short time is, to make it right or fix the problem. You were literally flying in some really cool space only a few days ago. And now…each passing minute, hour, day is almost like you are moving closer to some imaginary guillotine (ok maybe that’s abit much..but sometimes it does feel like it). You sort of want time to stand still, if only for a day. Sigh.


This happened to me recently.


As some of you may know, at Meruti we have been working hard at getting out our first product(In just a few days..can I hear a shout?). This has been a labour of love and personal growth. The overriding goal has been to release something that will provide a much needed solution which celebrates the men and women in our lives who sacrifice a great deal. We had gone through the process of coming up with the product idea and getting samples ready(more on that in a coming post) fine tuning it and  finally settling in what we wanted. The orders were put for final designs and a launch date had been set. A very frenetic attempt at trying to beat that date and when the day grew closer and very core components of the product were still not ready, I started slowly accepting the possibility that our target would not be met. I could not believe it.


I was disappointed. Distressed. Down. Discouraged.(Do all these words just happen to start with the letter ‘D’?)


Ordinarily, I would typically flag off such a situation and try to look for alternatives. I could not even get other people to blame-that works sometimes. For a very short while. Trouble is, I could not come up with good excuses, so that was just stupidity on my part. This situation was different  because this was something I had personally been responsible for. Granted, it’s not the first thing I have managed, but this had a very personal connection. So it had to work out. Normally I drop the anxious feelings and just move on to fire fighting. Because, truth be told, the situation is not going to improve on the ‘anxiety-o-meter’. Okay I just made that up. But you get the point. The problem doesn’t get resolved just by getting more and more worried about it. Sometimes I wish it would.

You consume your mind with a lot of Whys. Why you? Why now? You play the process over and over in your mind trying to figure out what you could have done differently to avert the situation you are currently in. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

So what do you do when things do not work out quite like you thought and you hit a roadblock? How do you get out of it?


I’d like to share my tips with you, they worked for me. Hope you can get some insights too.

Stand up and shake off the dust.

Yes the situation is baaaaaddd!!! But it’s not permanent. However that is a choice you’ll have to make. The emotional and psychological battle has to be fought. You will need to have a mindset shift if you are going to move forward. This is very important and quite frankly you have to win this. I remember when I used to actively play tennis, it was always a challenge internally to move forward after I had messed up a shot. I would mop about it, think how ridiculous I was to have made that fault which cost me a point. Whenever I would move on to the next point and these feelings had not been resolved in mind i.e. accept that I messed up and shake it off, I would never win that next point. Sometimes it would go on to the whole game. This mind shift thing is really important. In sport this shift has to happen in very short periods of time..literally minutes! The destiny of the game may very well depend on how well you can shift. It’s something that over time you learn to work with and overcome. I daresay it’s the same in other areas of life.


Look for the bright moments.

So we needed to get back to the trenches as it were, and figure out an alternative. The beauty of this process was we were able to come up with other ideas that we had not previously thought of and which we wouldn’t have thought of had we not hit this wall. So we clarified our strategy and are pretty stoked about how it is all coming together. We are not oblivious to the fact that we will still have some ups and downs in this whole process. But, it’s all alright-we take the good and bad. This reminds me of the saying ‘when life throws you lemons-make some lemonade’. I think it will also make for some very interesting tales.


This setback does not define you(well it could be a stepping stone to greater things)

This one is very closely linked with the first point.No matter how tough it seems, this will not be the benchmark by which people will define you. Again, here I think you have the ability to turn that around. We may think that these things happen to us just because of who we are. Heck we could even string together circumstances that have nothing to do with each other and conclude that , that’s just the way life is for us.The situation may not change overnight  and you may not have much control over that. However, how you handle it can define how you handle this and other situations that are definitely going to come your way as well as how others view you. The thing with life we can be sure of is that challenges will always come our way. So use them to catapult yourself higher.Make the decision to work it out. You are the one who will give people permission to define you.


Pat yourself on the back.

Ok, it could be hard to see through the doom and gloom and actually reach your hand over and pat yourself on the back(this is also physically challenging, try it and report back).But you get my drift. Take a moment and celebrate the person you are, the goals you have achieved to get to this point. The growth you have experienced to be the person you are, up to that point. Celebrate that! Whatever works for you. You have come a long way.

We took a moment to look at why we were doing what we were doing, how far we’d come and we let it all sink in. Even this very moment that brought us to this slump. Selah.It may not have initially worked out as we wanted, this time, but there will always be a next time.Even with the current situation, this opened up other avenues for us. That was well worth celebrating. And you should too. may ask…where do things stand now for Meruti?


Well we are very happy to let you know that we pulled our socks up and we are literally counting days to the pre-sale launch of our new product. This will be on 31st August 2015….literally hours away and we can’t wait! Shriek!!!

By the way we don’t mind if you would ‘shriek’ with us as well on your social spaces, share the news wide.Thanks for all your support and we hope you will continue to be with us on this journey. You matter to us.


But back to this post. I want to know from you guys.What do you do when things don’t go as you planned? I would love to hear your tips on the comments section below.




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  1. A word in season. Thanks for these insights that are so applicable. Wishing Meruti all the best.

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