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Unique Finds: Tea set and Second chances

Hi there !

I’m hoping your year so far is great and that you are, at the very least still holding onto the resolutions you made. Well at least that’s my struggle..just being real [icon icon=icon-smile size=14px color=#000 ].In this section, I will be sharing some of the unique finds I get from bootsales/flea markets. I will also share information regarding where these sales are, for your information and hopefully you too will be beaten by the bug.Don’t worry it won’t hurt.


Unique finds
Unique finds





















I love car boot sales and flea markets! Did I say that already??

I probably did, but I can’t really explain why…it just is so. Occasionally, I will find interesting, unique items which really make my day. It’s like they have a second chance to please another new owner and possibly be up cycled, re-coated, redesigned, or just be..the opportunities are endless.

I will be sharing about these finds in this section. Sometimes I get lucky and other times, well, it’s great just being in the space where the sales are taking place. There are times when I set up my own little booth too and get to sell some stuff. I love the atmosphere of interacting with other sellers and customers. I have made great friends with some of these acquaintances I’ve met during these sales.A great mix, make some money doing something you enjoy, whilst having some fun.

It may be a bit much for someone who doesn’t enjoy it but try it out-whether as a seller or as a buyer. Sometimes even both! I have found myself there on more than one occasion and I am not ashamed to admit it lol!

For sellers, the mornings are early because of setting up and just making sure everything is ready for the early birds. These guys (early birds) know that you get great products and great deals early. Though there are also those who get deals from sellers who need to off load their stuff at the end of the day.


Without further ado, I present  one of my finds from a car boot sale I went to last year.


The enamel Tea Set.

When I saw this set, I was excited, anxious, excited all in equal parts.

Excited because I have recently fallen in love with enamel having forgot all about it from my child hood days. Anxious because I was worried someone else would snap it up while I rushed to set up my stall, laden with boxes.

Unique finds: tea set
Unique finds: tea set


Luckily I came back and found it still intact and I did not need to be coaxed to get it.


It comprises a canister, milk pot, sugar pot and a tea/water pot.


Here are the individual pieces up close:

Tea pot
Tea Pot. Pic by Meruti
sugar pot
Sugar pot. Love the handles. Pic by Meruti
















I love the character on these pieces even the rust and embellishments on them. The pale white colour whether originally painted like that or borne out of use is also quite unique and tells a story of use over a period of time.


Milk pot
Milk pot. Pic by Meruti.
Canister. Pic by Meruti
















I am so glad the bug bit and I went back for this set.

I don’t use it for day to day purposes but it occupies a special place in my kitchen where I get to regularly see it.



Look out for announcements for these sales and similar fun events.

Often they are in schools and these are some of the longest running ones in Nairobi. We will try and post these opportunities when they come along. Who knows? we could meet up in one of these events.


Have you ever found an interesting item at a carboot sale,flea market or second hand stall/shop?


Care to share? Let us know in the comments section below.


A toast to second chances.





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