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What to Wear on Rainy Days

The rain and cold is upon us.

I know I wondered if July was already knocking on the door before it’s time, but now I am convinced it is just sneaking up on us undercover. Be that as it may, the rain should not leave you feeling distressed about what you can wear either to work, college, errands and whatever else you need to do for the day.

Getting wet is guaranteed, but for the sake of your health it’s best to keep the wetness and cold at bay. I say this because sometimes I see people soaking wet from the rain wearing only shirts, no jacket or other layer on top of the shirt and I wonder how they will be in a few hours?

What to wear on rainy days
Standing in the rain puddle

There are ofcourse those moments when the rain just surprises us from out of nowhere and indeed we are not prepared for it. But when you can, make sure you are appropriately covered. Then again. maybe some of us want to grow taller that’s why we don’t mind being rained on (some of you will not get this joke-that’s ok)



A basic guide

My non-negotiable is not wearing sandals or any open-toed footwear during the rain. I am one of those people who feels the cold from my feet so I always make sure that my feet are well covered. If this is covered then I am a happy camper-no matter the weather surprises. I will wear sneakers, knee high boots or even boots like these ones from Bata


Bata Safari boots-Blue
Photo:  Bata Safari Boot


As mentioned in a previous post, in order to combat cold, layering is great way of dealing with the ever-changing temperatures that come with rain.

Here is a simple guide I put together inorder to know how to dress during the rainy season. There will be a follow up post where I will share some outfit inspiration to show how you can pull this together.

1. Right fabric and colour

Whatever you wear, choose clothes with strong fabric like wool and with long sleeves where possible. Light fabrics will not keep you warm and light colours can be a challenge especially in trying to keep them clean. This is especially due to splashing from puddles of water if you are walking or from cars. It is also likely you don’t have to deal with potholes and being splashed on by rude drivers, in which case you don’t have to worry about this, but that’s a story for another day.

These tops can be like sweaters or long sleeved shirts like the ones below:



Rainy Day Dressing - Tops


For pants, I’d wear slim pants in a lightweight, quick dry fabric. Don’t wear bulky trousers that will clutter your look and also likely get easily wet at the ankles. Choose a dark colour as this hides any spots, splashes of mud and wetness.

Rainy Day Dressing - Pants


A Warm, Waterproof Top Layer

 For the top layer, try and get a long coat which ensures more coverage of your clothes, as well as protection from the elements. If you can’t get a long coat, at least wear that hits the hips. This way you still have some coverage and your chest area is protected, keeping you snug and warm. Though, if it is raining heavily, be prepared for cold thighs as a result fo wetness due to not being fully covered.

It might also not be easy to get water proof warm coat, so any layer that prevents the cold from getting to your skin is better than nothing. Add a scarf for extra caution.


Rainy Day Dressing - Jackets
Locally, you can find these at Tusky’s or shop the second hand stalls and independent shops. For tall ladies the challenge is always the sleeves but you may get lucky. If anyone knows where jackets are sold with long enough sleeves please share in the comments below and #helpasisterout.

Dry Feet

Choose comfortable footwear like boots which will protect your feet while keeping your feet warm and dry. Whether you choose to wear rain boots or leather boots, remember rubber does not breathe well and might therefore make you uncomfortable if you will have the boots on for long. Leather or mixed materials on the other hand, may not handle wet conditions very well. Once again this will also be determined by how long you will be in the wet conditions . Choose wisely.

Rainy Day Dressing - Boots



Finally make sure you have the necessary accessories for the rainy day.

A sturdy umbrella which will not be whipped up by the wind or weighed down by a heavy downpour.

A marvin/ beanie if you like wearing them and as mentioned before a scarf.These keep you warm and add a layer of style.


How about you?

How are you dressing for the rain and cold season?

It’s also likely that some of you are not ‘freezing’ with us this side of the world. That’s fine. I’m still interested in knowing what normally works for you. Let’s hear it in the comments section below.

Also, don’t forget to look out for inspiration outfits which will be coming up next time.


For now, wherever this weather finds you, remember to…


Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay dry.




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