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Where did all this stuff come from?

That is the question that I grappled with when I was moving house some time back. I had lived in a one-bedroom house for about 3 years, and thereafter personal developments dictated that I acquire more space. My mind instinctively went back to the day I moved into this single room house. All my worldly possessions fit into the back of a pick-up and I only made one trip as I moved out of my sister’s house.

I laugh at the memory now, but it was both exciting and daunting. I didn’t have much furniture then, apart from my dresser and the bed and most of the stuff was in boxes-mostly books. The image above might best ‘describe’ the look of my living room, for the first few months after I moved into my house.If I had taken a picture of those items then and compared them with the load I was dealing with as I moved into a bigger would be unbelievable that all these things had somehow fit in my smaller house. I was both amazed and rather pleased with myself for having managed to handle the ‘stuff’ in the small space that I had, without it spewing over.

Whilst this was impressive even to me-I have to give myself a pat on the back, I realized it was something that many people grappled with. The necessity of managing the items in your living spaces in clever ways, to meet the need for storage and display of said items.

Yep! It's all mine
Yep! It’s all mine


So there I was, pretty shocked with my load, and trying to amass the strength of transporting these items to the 3rd floor apartment. Furniture check-2 beds (don’t ask how), my dresser, a cooker, refrigerator, sofa set, coffee table,2 side-tables. I got by with the help of 2 other guys and we managed to pull it all off including the rest of non-furniture items. My arms and legs paid the price of-course. In this bigger space, these things fit in quite well and even though there was still space, the house did not look empty. With some clever positioning of the furniture, it looked like we had actually moved from a house with similar space. Be that as it may, we still needed some more functional pieces to complete the house. This time, I made the conscious decision to only acquire items that would do double duty of storage and display, within reason and where possible. It has been fun undertaking this task and seeing the effect of these items in the house and it is a principle I endeavour to uphold whenever I get the opportunity.

Storage and Display solutions in the home shouldn’t be a preserve of those with ‘deep pockets’. Great ideas and tips abound on how to achieve this goal and it is our intention to share this information with our audience as much as we possibly can. We love a good bargain and when it goes the extra mile to serve more than one objective? it gets our two thumbs-up! There are also simple DIY projects that can be undertaken to achieve this goal for almost free or at a comparatively low cost. Can you tell I love home-makeovers?

One thing I learnt from this moving process…it is very easy to accumulate stuff, all it needs is a vacuum, space that needs to be filled. Even with my few possessions my first house felt very empty until I started adding piece by piece of furniture. When I moved to the larger house, there were still some empty spaces and over time these have been filled for the most part. Right now we just need to watch that it does not go over-board, I know it can get there[icon icon=icon-smile size=14px color=#000 ].

This is where acquiring items that will serve more than one function, especially if in a small space, comes in handy. This is also more affordable in the long run.

Have you ever grappled with how much ‘stuff’ you have managed to amass? Would love to hear how you dealt with it…..or maybe you are just cool like that,and don’t deal with such issues, what’s your secret??

Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Where did all this stuff come from?”

  1. Great blog and content. Well, how did I deal with my clutter? For now Ive stuffed all my hundreds of books into suitcases and cartons as I wait to find my perfect bookshelf.

    1. Hey Fifi,
      I know the feeling of waiting for the ‘right….to come along:). We are working on getting out such solutions.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great content. With clutter i always ask myself if i will use the item if not i prefer not to buy it. If i already have it i get rid of it. I also love home makeover shows its always amazing to see a drab space transformed. The idea of functional items that can do double duty is a good idea if we can find a bargain i am so in.

  3. Where do we start with house makeovers/buying – Kitchen Cousins, Hawai Life…….Houzz…..sigh

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